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  • 1.What are some suggested toppings for the Pumpkin Fresh Milk?+

    For people who like drinking milk, why not add a Cream Cheese topping! (NZD +1.2) 
    For people who enjoy a chewy texture in their drinks, Pearls are suggested. (NZD+1)
    People who like a more refreshing feeling to their drinks should add Agar Pearls! (NZD+1)
  • 2.Is Pumpkin fresh milk vegan/vegetarian?+

    Pumpkin fresh milk is vegetarian friendly.
    However, it is NOT vegan.
  • 3.Where is the Pumpkin Fresh Milk on the ordering website?+

    The Pumpkin FreshMmilk drink is under the TEA LATTE category and under the POPULAR DRINKS in the MENU.  
  • 4.How long can I leave the Pumpkin Fresh Milk for?+

    To taste the freshest, richest and most accurate flavour of the beverage is to consume it within two hours.
    It is not recommended to leave overnight.
  • 5.Is there tea or caffeine in the Pumpkin Fresh Milk?+

    There are NO tea or caffeine inside the Pumpkin Fresh Milk.
    However, it does contain fresh milk hence it is not suitable for people who are allergic to fresh milk, (dairy or lactose intolerant.)
  • 6.Which HuluCat store can I purchase the Pumpkin Fresh Milk?+

    (It is available in ALL Hulucat stores EXCEPT for Dominion road branch)
  • 7.What does Pumpkin Fresh Milk include/suitable for pregnancy or children to consume?+

    Inside the Pumpkin Fresh Milk, there is only freshly steamed pumpkin and fresh milk.
    It is suitable for both children and adults as well as pregnant women

    However, we do not recommend drinking an excessive amount of all drinks.
    For people with health concerns are advised to seek information and advice from their family doctors.
  • 8.Is Pumpkin Fresh Milk Limited Edition?+

    Yes, Pumpkin Fresh Milk is a limited edtion.
    25th of October - 25th of November
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