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At Hulucat we love what we do! Bringing life more flavours to New Zealander’s is our goal. Now is your chance to join the team, become a Hulucat branch owner and enjoy the benefits of being part of a flavourful New Zealand business.
Over the last 15 years, Hulucat has been one of the first and most trusted names in the milk tea industry in Auckland, known for a wide variety of products and flavours that our customers keep coming back for. Today there are over 5 locations citywide.
Hulucat franchisees are empowered to be successful through our key business advantages.

We’ve got you covered

Results are largely determined by motivation, efforts, and abilities of Hulucat franchisees, but over the years, we’ve mastered what is needed to come out on top, and have built a support package that provides everything needed to set up and maintain successful, flavourful businesses with our proven business model and longevity within the food and beverage industry of Auckland.



1. Product diversification
Other than the most basic category of milk teas, our company brand offers many varieties of drinks. As well as regularly releasing new drinks and products to our customers.
2. Easy Preparation
From the initial hiring, we conduct one-on-one training for our new employees to adjust and form an understanding of the working environment before working to prevent any mistakes. 

From the preparation of our tea to cooking our pearls, we have simplified the steps alongside with assistance of educational materials so that our employees can get the hang of working faster and easier as a team.

3. Reasonable Pricing
With the milk tea industry being more and more popular in recent years, a lot of businesses are beginning to overprice their products. Our brand is reputable to be consistently reasonably priced.
4. Target Audience
Although milk tea culture began in and was inspired by Asian countries, being a milk tea brand in New Zealand – a multicultural country has encouraged us to develop many different drinks with various tastes that target all diverse ethnic groups to satisfy our multicultural consumers.



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