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  • 1.How should you take care of the leather beverage holder and straw bundle bag? Can they be washed?+

    Vegan leather cannot be soaked in water. If the leather bag gets dirty, wipe it gently with a damp cloth and allow it to dry up in a cool and ventilated area.
    Please avoid areas of high temperature and sunlight to avoid issues with the leather from drying up and cracking.
  • 2.What size cup is suitable for the leather cup carrier?+

     It is suitable for ordinary 700CC or 660CC cups, including most coffee cups and eco-friendly cups.
  • 3.What material is the leather straw pouch and cup carriers made from?+

    For the real-leather feel, we have utilised vegan leather for cup carriers. This means they are cruelty-free products!
  • 4.What colours are available for the straw bundle bag?+

    - Orange
    - Brown
    - Blue
  • 5.What colours are available for the cup carriers?+

    - Coffee Brown
    - Rose Quartz
    - Limestone Grey
    - Navy Blue
  • 6.What is the difference between Titanium straws and Stainless steel straws?+

    Stainless steel is a material made from a composition of multiple different metals such as Nickel, Manganese, Chromium. Whereas, the HULUCAT pure Titanium straw is a single material straw made from 100% Titanium. 

    Stainless steel is about 60% heavier than pure Titanium straw therefore, the lightweight pure Titanium material is more suitable for the living habits of modern people.

    The biggest advantage of the HULUCAT pure titanium straw is that it is reusable, clean safe and hygienic. Where it is also non-toxic, metallic scent-free. The pure titanium straw can be used at ease despite scratches. The straw is also non-stick with oil, tea, and coffee. Which is easy to clean, therefore saving water and washing detergent. The utensils could be reused normally for a lifetime, which could be much more cost-effective. Moreover, it reduces the quantity of trash produced by replacing such utensils. Love yourself, Love the earth. Help protect the environment and your health and safety. 
  • 7.Why does your straw have a scent of metallic smell/taste to it?+

    Pure titanium straws will come into contact with other machines during the production process. Because they have not been industrially picked, they will still have a faint metallic smell/taste to them, but rest assured, the taste and smell will dissipate in about 2 - 3 days after washing. 
  • 8.How do I clean the straws and the bundle bag before first-time usage?+

    Titanium straw cleaning:
    Before the use of the straw, you can use clean warm water and dish washing detergent using the custom straw cleaner included in the set. Or, you can soak in warm water for 10-30 minutes (which could also eliminate any packaging smells).
    The straw is made from pure titanium. The titanium is uncoated.
    Bundle bag cleaning: Wipe clean with water.
    DO NOT machine wash, expose to high-temperature drying and sun.
  • 9.Is it dangerous for children to use titanium straws?+

    Since the Titanium straws are made from hardware, please do teach your children the safety and hazards and how to use them correctly.  Please do not let children play with it or let young children use it alone!
  • 10.What are the straws made of?+

    The Titanium straw sets are made from pure high-quality Titanium. The straws are very lightweight and easy to carry. It is non-toxic, alkaline and acid resistant which means that it will not rust. The exclusive 112.5 degrees diamond pierced obtuse angle at the bottom of the straw can be easily pierced through to the bottom of the cup without sawing the cupping film. The straws are made in Taiwan, SGS dual certified and guaranteed safety. 
  • 11.What are the five items included in the environmentally friendly straw set? Can we choose from any colour?+

    In the set, it consists of a big straw, a small straw, a cleansing brush and a drawstring bag for the items.
    The measurement for the big straw:12mm*21.5cm
    The measurement for the small straw:6mm*21.5cm
    As our straws are made from Titanium, which may have a self-combustion colour to it naturally. However, we did not further process any additional colouring to it. The engraving was done using diamond drill bits.
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