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  • 1.Do Hulucat Tea & Mocktail drinks contain caffeine?+

    All drinks in the Milk Tea - Classics & Freshly Brewed sections contain caffeine as we brew our teas with loose tea leaves. (Excluding Taro Milk Tea)
    Drinks in the Milk Tea - Fun Flavours section have caffeine in the following flavours: Coffee, Mocha, Chocolate. All other flavours in this section contain no caffeine.

    As mentioned above, drinks in the Slushy section containing caffeine will also be the following flavours: Coffee, Mocha, Chocolate. All other flavours in this section contain no caffeine.

    Yoghurt Juice section - no caffeine.

    All drinks in the Tea Latte section contain caffeine excluding Brown Sugar Fresh Milk.
  • 2.Are Hulucat Tea & Mocktail drinks vegan friendly?+

    Our drinks are vegetarian friendly.
    Due to our Cream Cheese Series and our Fresh Milk Lattes that contains dairy and our Honey Series that contain honey from bees, we operate in facilities that handle/come into contact with animal byproducts. Rest assured, our milk teas are made with non-dairy creamer to facilitate everyones needs.
  • 3.Are Hulucat Tea & Mocktail drinks gluten free?+

    The only product we carry that contains gluten is 'Wheat Powder' topping.
  • 4.Do Hulucat Tea & Mocktail drinks consist of fresh milk?+

    Our products within the MILK TEA SERIES do not contain fresh milk.
    However, our TEA LATTE series  (Black Tea Latte, Caramel Latte, Wintermelon Latte, Brown Sugar Fresh Milk, Red Date Fresh Milk, Red Date Latte), cream cheese are made with fresh milk. 
  • 5.How are your pearls made?+

    Our pearls are made out of tapioca and brown sugar freshly made in-house every day.
  • 6.Is there an expiry date for your drinks?+

    This depends on different drinks being purchased at different times.
    However, drinking the drinks within 1-2 hours being freshly made is suggested as to not lose its intended flavours of the drink. 
    Drinks that contain pearls are not suitable to be left overnight.
  • 7.Do your coconut jellies contains gelatin?+

    No, our coconut jellies do not contain gelatin, in lieu of gelatin it contains Vegan Jel, which is made of vegetable gum, adipic acid, tapioca dextrin, calcium phosphate, and potassium citrate.
  • 8.Do your agar pearls contain gelatin?+

    Agar pearls do not contain gelatin and it is a vegan friendly, low calorie natural food product made from cooked and pressed algae and konjac.
  • 9.Do your puddings contains gelatin?+

    No, our puddings do not contain gelatin, in lieu of gelatin it contains carrageen extract.
  • 10.Why does the Hulucat Tea & Mocktail Almond Milk Tea taste different?+

    The Almond Milk Tea is made from almond powder from Taiwan, it is an acquired taste from a pudding derived dessert from Taiwan (Almond Pudding), not the regular Almond taste you’d get from the non-dairy Almond milk you'll find in NZ.
    Almond Pudding is not made from common almond but sweet apricot seeds that explains the taste difference between that and the traditional generic almonds.
  • 11.Are Hulucat Tea & Mocktail drinks safe for pregnancy?+

    We advise pregnant people to not order the Honey Aloe topping for their drinks.
    Drinks containing caffeine is also not recommended. (Please see FAQ on caffeine for drinks containing caffeine)
    Ask your health advisor for any dietry concerns.
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